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All About Zombie Tycoon

We love video games as they keep our minds away from problems. Anyway, if you want to spend more quality time with your family, a video game can truly do the trick in no time. Zombie Tycoon can be the solution to your boring weekends as well. So we`re going to talk a little bit about this game here.

Fantastic Plot

The plot of Zombie Tycoon is quite interesting. Our hero is a mad scientist who wants to take over the world. To attain this end, he will use his moaning, shambling hordes at all times. Packed with some design flaws and somewhat entertaining strategy experience, Zombie Tycoon doesn`t come quite close to its competitors in many aspects. This situation especially true for any lover of zombie movies, zombie-related video games and zombie comic books out here. Anyway, the price point of $7.99 might seem too steep for a small program such as this one. And some people might prefer to purchase the game at a lower price.

Back to Life

When we say that Zombie Tycoon`s plot is quite weird, we mean it. For instance, you will stumble upon a couple of crazy scientists who want to bring the dead back to… life. Yes, you`ve heard it right… back to life. One of the doctors will sample the potion and he becomes the first zombie in this zombie apocalypse down the road. A masked man will command these hordes while Ernest, the scientists who tried the potion, will bring up the rear right away. This is the silly style of this game.


Zombie Tycoon screams quality in every part of the game from animation to acting. – You will be an impressive value for your money.- Gamers looking to romp with a video game that has meat on the bones will find awesome things in Zombie Tycoon.- Though the game doesn`t have much variety, it is a good game after all.- The game is quite entertaining and very easy to play as well.


You might not like the price tag of this video game.- The plot might seem a little bit silly to serious video gamers out there.

As you can see, Zombie Tycoon can make you have tons of fun in no time. With an amazing plot and outstanding features, Zombie Tycoon is truly here to stay. Though a little bit pricey for many gamers out there, Zombie Tycoon can help you add variety to your gaming experience these days quickly and easily.

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